Bus Station Pole Display

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Bus Station Pole Display

With the continuous economic progress of various countries, road traffic planning is in full swing. Where there are roads, there are street lamps, and where there are street lamps, there is a market for intelligent bus station pole display.

Advantages of Bus station pole display:

1. with the characteristics of synchronous receiving and playing, the intelligent Bus station pole display not only has unique advantages in road guidance, road condition broadcasting, information release, advertising promotion, etc., but also plays a considerable role in alleviating the fatigue driving of automobile drivers.

2. from the perspective of advertising effect, the smart light pole screen has formed a scale effect in a certain area due to its multi-point delivery characteristics.

3. in terms of the same capital investment, the effect of intelligent Bus station pole display is no worse than that of outdoor LED screen, or even worse.

4. the intelligent Bus station pole display can discharge advertisements without restriction, while the intelligent Bus station pole display can place dozens of advertisements at the same time, so the utilization rate of light pole advertisements will be correspondingly increased.

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