Outdoor Optical Bonding LCD Display is used outdoors or working in a strong light environment

2022-05-08 11:24 admin

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Optical bonding is a process where a layer of resin is applied between the glass or touchscreen and TFT LCD TFT panel of a monitor, bonding them to make a solid laminate with no gaps or pockets of air.


Optical bonding is an effective means to improve seismic and impact resistance. It is popular in military, marine, medical, transportation and retail sectors. Due to the harsh environment, higher performance displays are required. Lightweight design, wide viewing angle, protective glass, IP55 design safety protection, excellent heat dissipation design, no black screen. By gluing the LCD module and glass together, you can eliminate the chance of disturbance and reflected light. More light passes through the screen surface, so the image is brighter.

Optical bonding is therefore important in making screens sunlight readable. The additional resin layer in the optical bonding also provides higher physical durability for the screen. Eliminating the gap between the LCD module and the panel can improve the scratch resistance, dust and moisture resistance of the screen. The display with optical bonding can fill the gap to prevent condensation and improve readability. The touch display with optical bonding can always maintain accurate touch response, making it easy to use and reliable.


Outdoor Optical Bonding LCD Display are lighter and ready to be customized for various customer needs and settings. From outdoor menu boards to kiosks, it's also mount ready and optimized for customers, based on the industry destination and use.

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