Benefits of Passenger Information Wall-Mounted LCD Digital Signage

2022-12-30 09:30 admin

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There is no doubt that Passenger Information Wall-Mounted LCD Digital Signage has gained significant traction over the past decade, and its use as a means of advertising and communication continues to rise. By 2023, expects the digital signage market to exceed in the market.

passenger information wall-mounted LCD digital signage

Why is digital signage popular? Quite simply, because it works.

The following five benefits of digital signage stand out as seriously impactful, transforming businesses and driving results.

1. Enhanced Engagement

There is a 400% increase in views for digital displays compared to static displays, and 8/10 customers enter a store because they are attracted by digital signage. Is this going to affect business in any way? The more views, the more sales you can impact, and the more interest you generate, the more customers you can reach, which can lead to greater sales.

2. Greater Satisfaction

Your customers' overall experience can be greatly enhanced by digital signage. Digital signage users report 46% higher satisfaction, according to a report.

3. More Impulse Purchases

Digital signage has led 19% of people to make an unplanned purchase. This unplanned spending, coupled with digital signage's ability to affect purchase amounts, shows the benefits of digital signage for businesses.

4. Higher Growth

Digital signage has been reported to result in significant sales increases for many brands (as much as 33%).

5. Additional Opportunities

A variety of time-consuming tasks traditionally handled by employees are also mitigated by digital signage. The use of digital signage, for instance, can save retail employees time by displaying sales information directly to the customer.

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