Technical principle of Sunlight Readable LCD Monitors

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Hummax uses passive enhancements to improve the sunlight readability of its rugged LCD monitors and embedded Free Standing LCD Panel Digital Signage when they operate in high-light environments.

The Hummax touch panels feature a coating on both the back and front of the passenger information lcd display that is anti-reflective, in addition to an anti-glare coating on the surface.

Sunlight Readable LCD Monitors

Hummax offers sunlight readable wall mounted LCD monitors to enhance overall daylight view ability in high ambient light environments. The enhancements adapt to the index of refraction to decrease reflection, which increases the ratio of contrast.

When exposed to direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, liquid crystal displays typically turn black. However, when Hummax special coatings, filters, and films are applied to the screen, it achieves excellent readability under direct sunlight even without additional backlighting.

Consequently, the display has a viewing ability comparable to a 1000+ nit high brightness monitor and does not require increased power consumption or heat generation. Thus, Hummax LCD monitor systems are able to maximize system life cycles, increase processor capabilities, and improve operating temperatures.

What are the key features?

1.Matching reflective laying increases the contrast ratio

2.Increased sunlight visibility while reducing backlight wattage

3.The bonding process improves the integrity of the panel as a whole

4.The air between the glass and screen eliminates "greenhouse" effects

5."Blackouts" caused by isotropy are eliminated

6.The optical coating diffuses reflections and reduces specular reflections

7.Enhanced sun readability with lower power requirements for devices powered by batteries

8.Environmental protection and certified clean rooms

9.Deliveries and services that are quick and responsive

LCDs are typically sufficient for most indoor environments but are not well suited for outdoor environments. They do not meet the requirements to deliver high performance in harsh or extreme environments. As a result, commercial monitors are virtually unusable for extreme applications. Two ways to reduce display washout are to add coatings or optical bonds or to increase LCD brightness.

In many instances, both passive and active enhancement options are available. However, OEM LCD companies are not designed to operate under these conditions and under such demanding applications. Hummax provides high-performance optically bonded LCD displays that are designed for hardened environments and high light levels.


Hummax sunlight readable solution combines an LED light bar (rather than CCFL) for backlighting technology with optical coating. Unique radiation technology and advanced design for the light guide bottom deliver maximum brightness while reducing power consumption.

Readability is affected by brightness. High-brightness solutions are visible at night and during the day and offer a good choice of sunlight-compatible solutions. ATM, satellite television, telephone booths, and outdoor displays are among the applications covered.

Standard LCD monitor brightness is generally 300 * 500nits. Advantech high brightness solutions can increase LCD brightness up to 2,000nits while increasing color saturation and contrast simultaneously. Additionally, our high brightness solution consumes low power, resulting in a cooler display and with a minimum amount of stress.

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